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Barwon Valley Pony Club


Barwon Valley Pony Club is one of the oldest clubs in Victoria beginning in 1956 on the Highton Recreation Reserve.  

For a long period of time the club was based at the property "Rosemont” in Ceres, where residential camps and a One Day Event were held annually.  

In 1984 the Club moved to grounds in the Ceres Township, but as a result of reduction in land available, the club moved to its present grounds at Mt. Moriac in 1989.  Mrs. Wanda Nelson was the first District Commissioner and a strong force in the foundation of the club.  Long serving family names in the Club’s beginnings are McCann, Birdsey, Collins and Hope.

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 Hello Members

Just a quick one in regard to Uniform that is to be worn at Rally.  The committee agreed at the April meeting that going forward members can wear plain dark (black, blue, brown) colored jodphurs.  This excludes denim and patterned jodphurs which cannot be worn.  Please note that this is just for rallies and for competitions you still are required to wear light colored jodphurs.


Barwon Valley Pony Club was fortunate enough to receive a Defibrillator Package from the Community and Sports Program supported by the Victorian Government.  We should receive our Defibrillator in the new year and training on its use will be offered to members - free of charge.  We hope that we never have to use the Defib but we will have one available in the event that we do need one.